About Us



KrumbledMC was created back in February 2015 by 2 experienced Owners and opened to the public, by the following April. We have players from very diverse backgrounds and countries.

We are an adult only server, serving people who are 21 and older. There is no exception to this rule. We are a multi-world server with Normal and Hardcore worlds. We have a large map with lots of room to build. We utilize anti-griefing plugins along with a variety of other plugins to make the game fun and your builds safe. The plugins we have aren't meant to take the challenge out of the game, but to add a whole new dynamic to your gaming experience on our server. And to help break up the monotony of mining and building, we have a gaming area that includes a PVP arena, skeet shooting, spleef,SkyBlockand more!

Some plugins we use are as follows:

Essentials Homes, teleporting, economy

Residence - Protection

Chestshop Buy & sell with chests and signs (shops)

Dynmap - http://map.krumbledmc.com

Lockette Lock chests / create private doors

Enchanted Furnace - Enchant a furnace to smelt / cook faster, use less fuel, etc...

And much more....

Discord: Download the client from: https://discordapp.com

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/BJfZfxB