Server information


Some of the Plugins you may enjoy are:
Essentials – Homes, teleporting, economy
Residence – Protection
Chestshop – Buy and sell with chests and signs (shops)
Dynmap –
Lockette – Lock chests / create private doors
Enchanted Furnace – Enchant a furnace to smelt / cook faster. use less fuel, etc…
Piggyback – pick up mobs and players ?
Banner Maker – Very handy GUI for creating your banners


* We have more plugins and we change them from time to time to keep it interesting.
See our Tutorial page or YouTube channel for all plugins and how to use them.


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Member Benefits


2 sethomes
5 residences (50X50)
Enchanted Furnace: Smelt with various effects
/recipe: Don’t know how to craft an item? Simply type /recipe
Choptree: break the bottom stump and the whole tree comes down (axe takes damage)
Ability to sit in chairs or laydown


Contributor Benefits (receives all Member benefits)
3 more sethomes (5 total)
5 more residences (10 total) 100X100


Contributor Plus Benefits ( receives all Contributor Benefits)
Nick Name (in color)
No more AFK Kick
Instant Warp
Instant teleport


More to come



Do not donate if you have not been approved to be a member by the server staff.  Donations do not buy server ranks. If you donate before becoming a member, your donation will not be refunded and you will be permanently banned.


All donations are non-refundable!